Tuesday, 12 January 2016

W40k at 'Arch Enemy', field confirmed.

Arch Enemy W40k doubles will be held the weekend of the 23rd & 24th of January. The tournament is full and we have 40 players taking part in the first W40K tournament of 2016 in Auckland NZ.

(Check your names are correct participants)

Team Name Player 1 Player 2
1 Mechanised Chaos Stan Van der Ham Kyle Wilson
2 The Magnificent El Wardo and Gavin Chris Ward Gavin McFall
3 Q & S Quinton Tripp Simon Dennerley
4 Shifty Gypsies Ben Clark Jarrod Bygraves
5 Ranga in the sun Ben Macintosh Connor Roulston
6 Isha's Agenda Jonas Kortner Chris Standing
7 Nid Swarm Cameron Taylor Michael Sheahan
8 Nocturne-caste Cole Mendoza William McCartney
9 Mega Super Awesome Josh Workman Connor Hutton
10 Pip & James Dave 'Pip' Cox James Cox
11 Surf's Up Ivan Soo Henari Akari
12 Gravediggaz Josef Arnet Jack Masterton
13 Mike is Slow Michael Patridge Piers Maher
14 Dilf's Glen Tibbles Kelly Gragg
15 pwntang clan Finn Decker Alex Cox
16 Jedi Dave Jed Applegate David Hillier
17 Green Cheese Phil Wu Richard Holtzhausen
18 Rowwdy Cut Throats Sterling Arnet Ashley Pitman
19 Xenos Armada Anthony Davy Julien d'Huvout
20 What is This? What is That? Paul Bennett Patrick Crockett

More details of the tournament can be found Here.

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