Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Last Meet of the Year for Club - Gamefest 2015

Last official Club meet of the year on Sunday gone. We had good turnout of about 40+ gamers.
There was a massive selection as always of games on show. Games of note were:- A huge 12000pt Warhammer Fantasy Battle game amongst the table top gamers. Tim kicked off his Imperial assault campaign and Euans Imperial assault campaign will be finished early on the new year. Nat had his Kingdom Death campaign 2nd day and the write up will be put up soon on the Blog.
Enjoy the photo log.

 3v3 of the massive 12000pt WHFB 8th game.

 Imperial assualt league #2 at club.

 Good to see a few new X-Wing pilots at club.

 The new Stonemaier games kick starter game 'Scythe', was at club as a PnP.
It looked awesome and played very well by all accounts.

 Kindom Death Campaign.

 Some beautiful Nurgle Marines getting some practice in anticipation of Arch Enemy 40k Doubles.

 The Chaos swords get their first run on the table.
They'll be fantastic for 9th Age.

Armada was also at the Club with wave 2 hitting the boards.

Merry Xmas!!!

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