Monday, 12 November 2012

Discovering the game again

Managed to get a game in after a hectic week. Me old High Elf army pits itself against Logan's butchertastic Ogre army.

2400pts vs Logan at the Hammer club of good times. Ogres get first turn and High Elves look for fresh undies as fatties 12" away and packing double unit big guns. Slaughter Master shows off what 'The Maw' which has often been referred to as the poor mans Pit of Shades. Elves being I5 naturally wasn't quite that worried until it landed full face ontop of a spear unit and then quickly found out that you still took str3 hits if you passed the test. Cue half the unit swallowed down a chomping big hole, lols for initiative lots and it's better than pit in so many ways. For his troubles Slaughter Master discovers guy fawlkes and cascades in a brilliant cacophony of sparks into the warp. The remaining battle ensues with mass combat across the table as Swordmasters chop at bunched Mournfang, Bsb's face off amongst Whitelions Ironguts melee, Spears charge a post fire works display Ironguts unit and Dragon princes skewer some Leadbelchers. Whitelions apparently are so good but Ironguts quickly Str6 and stomp little Lion killers to mush and crowd around the challenge of flag wavers. Depleted Elf toothpicks decide that Ogres aren't that tough when reduced to strength 1 and prove wearing skirts and Str3 poke in the eye is alright. Victorious Swormasters then discover that 4 leadbelchers is enough to make them into a mist of mince pie, so what if you can do great things with a sword. High Elf Bsb after pants in rolling first up proves how broken rerolls to hit and armour saves are and quickly chop ogre BSB in the final round of the game and Logan after only making one leadership test the whole entire game fails his stubborn and the Ogre audience flee to discover that all High Elves are issued with Nikes this game and one little mad Elf with an Ax watched American Physco pre-bat. Phew, so much carnage, such a close game, top match, top opponent it was. Disclaimer: Mindrazor was not used once all game. No real Ogres or Pointy ears was hurt in the making of this batrep, just lots of Warhammer good fashion fun times.

Whose up for some High Elf touching you up at a battlefield near you soon??

Johnny was proficient with an Ax...

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