Saturday, 3 November 2012

40k Combat Patrol this weekend

Dusting off the Space Marines for this weekend. 500pts of combat patrol at the club on Sunday and looking at getting a few games in against a few new faces. 6th Editon is looking pretty sweet and this will be a prelude to me starting the DA's once their new book is out. Would have brought the Dark Angels out but they are still in unpainted limbo. The marines were my first army and haven't seen much action for quite a while. The temptation was to take terminators but it's just not really in the theme of combat patrol. This list looked a lot more punchy.

Librarian                            Quixus                      
10 Man Tactical Squad    Gaimedes                
            Plasma Cannon 

5 Man Scout Squad          Delta                        
            Heavy bolter 
            2 Sniper Rifles

3 Man Bike Squad            Omega                  
Attack Bike                         Epsilon                    

I'll also have my batreps of the WHFB500 up soon too.

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