Tuesday, 8 August 2017

ETC - Mega Wargaming at the European Team Championships

It's that time of the year that I get invigorated again for our hobbies. So what is the state of play for the wargaming miniatures community, I hear you ask. Tournaments and pictures tell more than internet fake news and those vociferous groanards behind a keyboard. This post is gonna be short and sweet and here is some photo's... IT'S HUUUGGGGEEEE!!!

ETC This year wasn't in a air craft hangar. Just a hall the size of a air craft hangar for 1500+!!

The 9th Age: Fantasy battle rocking major numbers 400+
 Teams makes it so much more fun amongst your mates, representing your country.

X-Wing was amongst the field this year along with Warhammer 40k and FoW.

 Top fun had by all. Pictures are courtesy of the community.

Team NZ!

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