Thursday, 14 July 2016

MonsterCon 2016 - The 9th Age

MonsterCon 2016

The Annual gathering of Monsters for '9th Age Fantasy Batlle' is here. Bring your Beasts and Monsters to battle for glory on the battlefield. The more Monsters you bring the more bonus victory points you'll gain each round.

We'll be using the T9A ver1.0 rules unabridged for army design for a 3000pt (or under), Single army list tournament. To encourage you to field your menagerie. Monsters (large target rule) will gain a 5+ ward save against all magic and shooting in MonsterCon.

July 30th & 31st, at Spellbound Games, Aviemore Dr, Auckland.

Contact: for PP and registration.

Entry Fee: $40. This is a 5 round 2 day tournament.
(3 rounds on Sat and 2 rounds on Sun)
* If registered and paid before 15th July ($5 disc)
** ACG member disc applies also if paid before the 15th July.
*** Entries after the 22nd of July accepted at the discretion of the T.O.

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