Thursday, 10 March 2016

WIP Kill Teams

Finally get a chance to post up some of my current WIP's.

Warhammer 40k: Kill teams have really captured my gaming interest at the moment. 200pts is what you require. Its such a fast paced game. With only 200pts to field it's easy to learn and get into the game. I envisage it will be a great vehicle to exploring all the armies of the 40K universe without having to spend years to float an army as my past experience has taught me. Thats bloody exciting if you ask me. It's already got a few new players into the game at my local club ACG in Auckland.

The Raven Guard that I'm using at the moment.
Waiting for some transfers to make them complete.

Second Squad of the Raven's.

Rapid progress on the Imperial Fists that I'm working on.
Picked up a Tac squad and it's a wonder what you can do with a white undercoat. 
Couple of hours of work with a sepia wash and also based.

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