Saturday, 24 October 2015

Monstercon 2015 Board Gaming & Wargaming Weekend

Another great couple of days of gaming was had over the weekend of the 17th & 18th of Oct. MonsterCon in it's new slot on Halloween month. Again we had some awesome sponsors supporting the event which meant that we were in a brilliant venue of 'Rose Park Hotel' along with a whole bunch of giveaways. Monstercon has been running annually for a number of years now and it looks to be for a whole lot more years to come.

 Thats '5 Tribes'.
Quick glance of the tables next to the Patio & Pool. 

Mostercon Sunday is reserved for Wargaming.
This year saw three Trophies up for grabs. The Warhammer 40k & Fantasy Battle cups freshly minted for this years competition, which was kindly sponsored by 'Mr Minit'. Each year competitors will get a chance to brand their own names onto the newly minted Trophy cups. 

Congrats to 'Chris Ward', who toke away the WH40K Trophy.
Group of the lads ho also won prizes in the competition.

Big ups to 'Evert Loef', who secured his first win in the 'Warhammer Fantasy Battle Competition'. 
I'm sure it will be the first of many to come.

We had a massive table of spot prizes over the weekend with big, big thanks to our sponsors.
Here's some of the prize winners. We all hope that you can make our next events where you'll be sure to find a friendly game amongst a fantastic bunch of people. 

Numerous games were played over the weekend.
If you have any photo's you'd like me to post up, just pm me and I'll add them.

Socks our mascot watchs on.

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