Friday, 9 October 2015

A.C.G Sunday & Guardsman Trophy 2015

Over the weekend we held a full Club Sunday of gamers. Amongst all the Board games we had X-Wing and Guardsman Trophy humming in the room.

 Club filling up and in the fore ground some WHFB 8th ed.
 Frank's high elves arrayed for battle.
 Terra Mystica

 X-wing Academy meeting to practice for Nationals.

Would you believe it, 5 Giants out to play.

Guardmans Trophy Finals.
With everyone with busy schedules, we still managed this year to hold a huge field for the club trophy. With Club members and visitors we welcomed 7 new players to the scene too. Here are the results after the finals held over Sunday club day. Well done guys. Hope you all had fun.

1 James Williams Skaven
2 Evert Loef Chaos Dwarves
3 Richard Holtzhausen Chaos Warriors
4 Phil Wu Ogres
5 Chris Ellis Tomb Kings
6 Daniel Verkerk Dwarves
7 Andrew Fitzpatrick Empire
8 Josh Workman Vampire
9 Brendon Price High Elves
10 David Emery Dwarves
11 James Tizard Ogres
12 Natanel Apfel Chaos Warriors
13 Pera Chase Lizardmen
14 David Bell Dwarves
15 Michael Partridge Orc & Gobbo
16 Matt Broom Skaven
17 Connor Hutton Lizardmen
18 Levi Duplessis Dwarves
19 Stephen Gillian High Elves
20 Nahri Salim High Elves
21 Simeon Hawkins High Elves
22 Neil Heileman Lizardmen
23 Phil Comins Daemons
24 Ben Edwards Chaos Warriors
25 Glen Tibbles Dark Elves
26 Gerard Tibbles Warriors of Chaos

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