Thursday, 29 October 2015

Gaming over the long weekend

Labour weekend saw 39 gamers gathering for Club Sunday. With everyone off on holiday and also Armageddon happening over Auckland we still managed a good crowd. We had a excellent mix of Board Gamers and Table Top enthusiasts.

Big game of Eclipse.
'Warhammer Fantasy Battle' action.

 Fresh from Essen came a variety of games.
 'Kingdom Death' got it's first run at Club.
Warmahordes got a few games, watch out for future events.

I managed to bag me a 'Treeman kill'!!
 Soontir got to hand out some paste :)

Big congrats to Simeon for taking out this years
'Armies on Parade'. his Empire army looked great.

Maulifaux was looking spectacular as always.

See you at club this Sunday for more excellent gaming.

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