Thursday, 2 July 2015

Gaming this weekend - X-Wing, Board games, Multiplayer WHFB & WH40K

So heaps of gaming happening this weekend. Spend your free time if you have it getting some funs at your local club, I know I will be.

With the lead up to Regionals and Nationals I've got our Clubs X-Wing casual tournament to goto. We are full for the tournament at 22 players (gotta leave room for the other gamers :) ). Pop in if you get some free time and check it out Here.

Board games is having a massive hike in popular interest within the local community. We have lots of enthusiasts at our Club and we are starting to get organised and will hold some more big events soon. Sunday sees our regular club meet and we hope to see you there along with our large group of club regulars Here.

So we have some major changes in wargaming coming up. I'll be covering them in a later post this week. This weekend we'll be hosting a few multiplayer games of Table top. We find it much more balanced and excellent fun with a multiplayer environ. The guys who say Apocalypse gaming is cool, they hit it on the nail.

Many thanks to our local retailers who have helped with our tournaments recently.
Go support them as they support you the gamer and the community.

Write up on AoS real soon for you guys interested.

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