Friday, 24 July 2015

Board games recently

 Here's the Board games that I've been playing recently. I Highly recommend these and they are perfect for the upcoming wintry months.

Euphoria is at the top of the pile. Worker placement that I'll give 4 3/4 stars. 
Reviews are here.

 Game of thrones v2. Save yourself a whole afternoon for this one. 4 Stars.
Reviews are here.

Endeavour is a brilliant NZ designed game of expansion.
Here's a pic from the release in 2009. Anyone recognise Wil & Hagen in the background?
Reviews are here.

Valdora is an Oldie but a goodie. Well suited for the whole family.
Reviews are here.

 Here's the classic 'Friedemann Friese' economy game. 
So popular that we have formed a group that meets every month to play.
Reviews are here.

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