Friday, 17 April 2015

Gaming about

So here's what I've been up to recently. Pretty much gaming about really.

Blood Bowl : My Hummies (Jaffaheim Boneheads) vs Matt's Gobbo's (Unsportsmanlike conduct)

Laced with Secret weapons the Gobbos was in it to stab it (4 Stabby weapons in the team). With the receive won the match was on like Donkey kong for the Green skins! The Fanatic with the 'Ball n Chain' practically danced a circular jig trying to bowl over my Ogre and finally managed it on the second go for it. The Chain Saw wielding Gobbo decided to drop the saw on himself and I was pretty lucky that the only injury for that turn was to my Lineman who decided to fake an injury too well all the way for the rest of the game.

The disadvantage of trying to maim the other team is that you forget about the ball. So the Hummies after escaping certain horrific decapitation quickly ran the unattended ball in for the first Touch down. This turn of events must of been hard on Gobbo moral and they decided to roll 1's at important intervals for the rest of the half. Hummies 2 Gobbo's 0 at the half way hooter.

The second half presented a great opportunity to give the ball to the hummies and see them brain fart. They pretended to be a better agile and faster team and realised they weren't. After running down the side line hoping for more speed the Hummie Blitzer ran out of steam, got surrounded by gobbo's and thumped into the turf. The resulting miracle quadruple bounce off a melee of players dropped it clear for the eventual 3rd Touch down for a lucky lineman. This 3rd miracle grow score encouraged more Gobbo's to fail their dodge rolls and the hard turf claimed 2 Gobbo deaths. At this point the Gobbo coach was seen walking to a nearby microwave ready to discipline some dice...

So the Jaffa's after scoring some butt lucky triple TD's decided that they'd try the pass game. Say what... Yup, final play of the game Blitzer clears the lane, 2nd blitzer zooms down field and a beautiful throw is caught to be run in uninterrupted for the 4th score of the game. The Jaffaheims aren't suppose to be able to play like this, but I'll bank it. Thank you Matt and you were a scholar and gent through all those horrible rolls you had for the game. Hummies win 4 zippo, yuss.

Imperial Assault: We've got a group of gents casually treading through the campaign. It's cool!

We're about slightly half way through it and it's a total recommend.

Jeremy scores the group a second set. Jammy bastard :p

X-Wing miniatures:  5 Interceptors is a thing right.
My dead 100pt list attests to it being the thing.

Bring on 9th Edition!!

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