Monday, 20 April 2015

Club Sunday

Quiet meet at club this Sunday past, hosting 28 people. Auckland Open was rollicking along at Remuera and those of us unable to attend made do with games at our regular Sunday club meet from 1-5pm.

We've had a few questions over several social media sites about our Sunday club. If you are in Auckland and looking at getting some board Gaming or Table top Wargaming in, then our regular Sunday club is open. We welcome everyone and all games so visit our facebook page and post up your interests.

Good to see some familiar faces coming back out for games.

Last of the summer sun sees some gaming outside on the deck.
 Hammer time in the Sun.
Board games and more board games.
Bigger selections have been seen at club.Oh so many games.
This is what 200pts of epic Imperials look like.
Such a different meta when you raise the points slightly.

New wood elves seen on the horizon.
 Nurgle Marines.
 Auckland Open in Remuera.
Looks brilliant.

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