Friday, 23 May 2014

New 7th Warhamer 40K & Hobby round up

So a busy few weeks of real life and Wargaming events for me. All amongst the exciting news of a new 7th edition of WH40K and Ork Codex. GW is pumping a whole lot of new design into their biggest game system 40K. Exciting for most and it's been a bit too much for some.

Not having had time to indulge much in WH40K due to lotsa WHFB I think I have the advantage of not getting caught up in the massive upheaval of change and general barrage of roaring on the net. I can say from someone who hasn't planned on playing much 40K, all the new rich content and swag of models is making it very appealing to jump into the system both feet first. With Flyers, Super heavies, Pysker powers and new objectives the game is so much more than the skirmish pew pew game it used to be.

New 40K stuff :
New Ork Codex on the way.

Some of the new Pyschic powers and they look great.


Tournament: CanOpener 2014 - Gaming for Charity

CanOpener is the Local Club's Wargaming & Board Gaming annual Charity event. With all proceeds going to Charity it's a casual One-Dayer and this year we had a very good turnout of 100+. We had Warhammer Fantasy, 40K, Flames of War, Blood Bowl and a huge range of Board games. All in all it was great to see the community gathering to support a great charity just by playing games.

Over 1500 Cans of Food were raised for the Auckland City Mission just before the winter months. A supreme effort and a good figure to see if we can eclipse next year.

Ogres stomping Elves, everyone is happy...
 Mutalith in 1000pts!
 Young bloods getting into the hobby.

 Imagine about 20 times this pile and that was the final result.

Hobby:  Getting a few things done. Very eclectic and varied.

My 5th army of High Elves currently as the loan army at club. It needs heaps of work.

Clubs Open fire set get made up finally.

Tasty beverage from a huge handle.

My club on the Japan full contact roster.

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