Friday, 26 October 2012

WHFB500 this weekend

We've got a quick fire 500pt one dayer tournament at the club this weekend. Really looking forward to it as there's 20+ confirmed. Great chance for a few of the guys picking up the game again after a break. It's also the perfect opportunity to bring out my wood elves. There's still places if anyone has Sunday free and is up in the big smoke.

Got to do some more painting on the army and going forward I'd be keen to do a 1000pt tournament just to get the painting mojo back. It's about time I finished an entire army of these guys and escalation seems to really get your painting done. This 500pts was a great change up from the daunting task of an entire 2400pt force.

 Angry trees and my first try at highlighting to white. Also trying out simple skirmish trays.

I always like to make something new & unique for every event that I attend. So slapped up some unit fillers at 500pts. The slight restrictions really makes you take a few odd choices in your list, so it was a good distraction making up some unit fillers.

Good chance to add some bright colours to the palate.

 A bit of kitbash is the best.

So I've forgone magic and taken a Noble to lead the force since Bsb's are not allowed. The list I'm taking is below. Nice and simple and really squishy. It should be a good list to play and a good chance to meet new opponents and have some good yarns through the day.

Noble - Starfire Arrows
11 Gladeguard
5 Waywatchers
11 Dryads

Solid block of Twangers, the backbone of the army...maybe.

Always the favourite, the Bear in the woods.

Board Game: King of Tokyo.

I haven't done too many board games recently so here's a little goodie. Easiest way to describe this is that it's yahtzee with Monsters. If you like the old skool Godzrrrillla films this will be your piece of cake. Comes with some cool graphics, nice and quick if you want to bash out a few games with mates (30min). The dynamic is good and the monsters are all pretty equal for destruction, you should give it a go for sure.

3 1/2 out of 5 Stars. Monssster sssmmaaassshh!

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