Monday, 19 December 2016

Arch Enemy W40K doubles

Following up from a huge success from last year. Arch enemy will be running Wh40k doubles again early in the new year. Enter as a single competitor or as a team. Each competitor will bring 800pts and games will be, Team of 2 vs Team of 2 (1600pts on each side). There will be 5 games over 2 days, played over 5 distinctive missions. Missions will be released 2 weeks before the tournament. Come get your game on.

Discounted Entry $35ea, $60 as a team of 2 before 31st Dec.
Normal Rego: $40ea, $75 as a team of 2 before the 13th Jan
(Club disc applies for this lvl)
Late Rego. At the discretion of the T.O. $45ea

Umpires: Richard H, Phil Wu, Stan Van der Ham

Perpetual Trophy on offer. Medals for 1st - 3rd, Best Sport, and Best Painted. Prizes will be randomly drawn to the whole field, so we encourage play more than ultra competitive lists. We are trying to promote a community friendly event and everyone gets a chance to win a prize regardless of the list you bring.

Please email to log your interest.
There is limited seats, so enter early to save dissapointment.

Player pack can be downloaded with the link Here.

*** The first WH40K tournament to hit Auckland this 2017***.

Events around NZ will be compiled onto one site now and you'll find this event there. 
A group of NZ Tournament Organisers met and agreed to join forces middle of this year to start a 'NZ Wargaming Events' page. If you are a Tournament Organiser please join the page and have your events included. As always the page will be for non-profits and there won't be any exceptions.

You can find the page Here.

Thank you to our sponsors for the tournament.
Please visit them and support them as they have supported you and the community.

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