Thursday, 8 March 2018

ARCH ENEMY 2018 W40K Doubles

Warhammer 40k doubles. Ally with your gaming buddy and register to enter the battlefield of Warhammer 40K!! 

25th March 2018

Registrations and Questions to:

Location: Parnell, Auckland.
***Aircon, Restaurant, Bar and Free Carparking onsite***

Event page, Click HERE.

Bring your mate as an Ally to our W40k doubes tournament. You will field 900pts each for a total of 1800pts v 1800pts, fought on a table of 6'x4'.
1. Three games of 2v2 , with 2hr30min rounds.
2. LOW and FW are allowed
3. This is a beginner friendly tournament and if you want to join in you don't have to be a club member. We however will have club members who can ally with you if you want to enter as a single competitor.
4. There will be prizes for 1st to 3rd, Best Paint, Best Sport and a whole lot of spot prizes too.

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