Tuesday, 2 August 2016

MonsterCon 2016

Another year and the gathering of Generals have brought along a whole mob of battle ready, ferocious beasts. The concentration of Mythic beasts was most noticeable from the Northern wastes, with the Warriors of the Dark Gods fielding a wondrous 7 Monsters in their army.
This year saw a solid field using the ETC endorsed rules 'The 9th Age Fantasy Battle' at MonsterCon. A week out from the Huge tournament that is the 'European Team Championships'. We had a warm up crew that will surely be prepping for the next Huge convention 'GuardCon' in September. It warmed the heart to see that everyone was using combat heavy lists, that is the signature of the tournament. Carnage ensued and we had a huge wreckage of Beasts and Monsters battling out on the Boards. As the Dust settled, it seemed that the Infernal Dwarves had bred well in their magical beasts and the army took home both the Beast Slayer and the Titular title.

MonsterCon 2016

1 Evert Loef Infernal Dwarves 52
2 Phil Wu High Born Elves 35
3 Dave Emery Warriors 34
4 Josh Workman Kingdom Equitane 29
5 Rich Holtzhausen Dread Elves 28
6 Damian Treanor Vermin Swarm 24
7 Noel Tobin Orc & Goblins 18
8 Tom Cochrane Sylvan Elves 17
9 Brian Wigzell High Born Elves 11
10 Chris Ellis Sylvan Elves 10
11 Michael Partridge Orc & Goblins 9
12 Reuben Yu High Born Elves 7
13 Connor Hutton Saurian Ancients 2
14 Frank Ansell High Born Elves 2

Monster Slayer : Evert Jan
Best Paint: Tom Cochrane
Best Sport: Josh Workman

The Flaming Kadaii and Bull Taurus tears into the Peasant Infantry.

High Elves gathered battle ready to slay some Monsters.

The Warriors of the Dark Gods gather a mighty Monstrous battleline.

The Sylvan elves have awoken their Forest Dragon.

Elven Cavalry and their Monstrous allies crash into the Infantry Bulwark.

See you at the next huge 9th Age tournament in Auckland.

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