Thursday, 28 August 2014

Terrain building for GuardCon and Hobby

GuardCon is in a couple of weeks. It's our local club's 'Auckland City Guard' annual convention. All those of you who are interested in Warhammer Fantasy & 40K should keep an eye out. It's looking to be the biggest turnout for both systems this year so far at a tournament. Along with the usual suspects there is also Flames of War, Saga, X-Wing and Bolt action happening over the weekend of the 13th of September. Don't worry I'll have reports and pics leading up and during the event. Until then enjoy some recaps thats made the tournament in its previous incarnations.

'Da Sportz moments'

'Da Nom nom moments'

'Da Glory moments'

'Da Commaraderie'

See you there, it's going to be massive fun this year too!

So needing over 60+ tables of terrain means that every little bit helps. I've started touching up and upgrading mine over the weeks. It's an excellent feeling as it slowly takes shape. If you have terrain you want to show of at Guardcon, sponsor a table and help the tournament out.

 Some more GW trees.

 My mushroom forest getting the start of new bases.

 Twin forests for my elven table of terrain.

Bases for the Jungle terrain WIP.

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